Things to Know About Air Conditioner BTU

Are you planning to purchase a new air conditioning unit for your home? If so, you have to pay attention to a lot of things. This includes the voltage levels, amperage, SEER ratings, and EER ratings.  

However, perhaps the most crucial thing you need to consider is the BTU. For those who don’t know, the BTU measures the whole cooling capacity of the unit.  

A couple of houses need a system with a high BTU. On the other hand, some require a unit with less BTU.  

Finding the right BTU for your property can help you avoid costly residential and commercial air conditioning repair Englewood services in the future. So, how do you find the right BTU for your property? Let’s find out. 

What’s BTU? 

For those who don’t know, BTU is short for British Thermal Units. Professionals use this measurement to measure energy.  

One BTU is the amount of energy needed to increase the temperature of 1 pound of water by 1°F.  

You can think of it as a calorie. Calories offer energy to our bodies. It helps power us. However, if you’ve got excessive calories in your body, it can result in a sluggish performance.  

Because of this, you need the right number of calories – or BTU – to power your system.  

Is BTU Really Important? 

The short answer is yes. BTU is extremely important since it shows how much power the unit can provide. 

If an AC unit or furnace has a higher BTU, it means it can quickly change the temperature in your house.  

However, there are a couple of things you need to think about. A system with a high BTU count can quickly change the temperature of your house. However, you might expect a higher bill as well.  

On the other hand, a system with a smaller BTU count will get your house at the right temperature. However, it will take several minutes.  

Calculating the Correct Size 

To determine the right system size and number of BTUs your house requires, there are several factors that you need to consider. Simply keep in mind that bigger is not always better when it comes to HVAC units. 

It is crucial that you find a system that works for you, your lifestyle, and your property. A lot of factors can affect the number of BTUs you require. Do you have insulation? Where is your home located? Does it have a high ceiling? 

Every single factor should be considered when calculating the right size for your property.  

What AC Unit is Ideal for Your Property? 

The form of the AC system for your property depends on the type of house you’re living in. You can use a portable AC unit if you’re renting a room or a studio.  

Homeowners have a lot of options to choose from. The most popular options include mini-split systems and central home systems.  

If you’re living in a house that does not have existing ductwork, professionals recommend you install mini-split systems. However, if you’re house has existing ductwork, you can install a central AC system.  

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